About Us

Ray T Miller and Lonnie Ferril established T Miller Wrecker Service in 1958. At this time, the company only had one 4 1/2 ton homemade wrecker bed. Ray would run the wrecker service during the day while Lonnie was working as an Amarillo police officer. Lonnie would run the business in the evening. In 1964, Lonnie bought the business with the help of his wife. Lonnie purchased manufactured wrecker beds. This enabled the business to grow quickly.


T Miller from this time has always been owned by family and currently employs the 3rd generation of the Ferril Family. Lonnie and Joyce with the help of their two sons, Jr. and Bryon, helped pave the way for the wrecker industry, as we know it today. With their ideas and willingness to give everything they had to the business, they earned the admiration from customers and the industry. This admiration led to the induction of both Lonnie and Joyce into the Texas Towing and Storage Association Hall of Fame in 2004 and to the induction of Jr. in 2010. At present, Byron and Jeni Ferril, with help from David and Megan Ferril, own T Miller.


Our Fleet

T Miller Wrecker has grown substantially over the years to keep up with the demand for our services. We began with a single tow truck back in 1958. We now have a large fleet of vehicles and other equipment that includes:

  • 6 light-duty flat beds
  • 1 four-wheel drive recovery truck
  • 1 light-duty snatch truck
  • 1 rotator
  • 1 medium-duty wrecker
  • 1 medium-duty flatbed
  • 5 heavy-duty wreckers
  • 3 tractors
  • 1 reefer trailer
  • 2 haul trailers
  • 1 dry van trailer

T Miller also updates its equipment on a regular basis to stay up with today’s demands for towing and recovery.


Our Dedication


We work through sun, rain, and snow conditions to provide with your towing and recovery needs. Our staff strives to provide you with quick service to solve your vehicle issues quickly and in a safe manner. T Miller cares for its employees and customers as well as the community in which we are located. Our services our available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week including holidays. No job is too small or large for us to handle. We have the equipment to handle the most difficult of recoveries.


Contact T Miller for Your Towing and Recovery Needs


Do you have a need for further information about our services? If you do, please contact us today with your questions or call us for our services. We are waiting to provide you with the services and information that you need. T Miller strives to stand out from the other wrecking services with our high quality customer service. Our facilities are at 621 E 10th Avenue in Amarillo, Texas. You can also reach us by phone at (806) 376-5384. If you prefer, you also can contact us on this website or you can send us an email at tmillerwrecker@hotmail.com.


Remember our slogan “T Miller, a Name that Means Honesty and Integrity”.